We are the voice of the dyslexia in Nigeria

A structured literacy program for schools

unlocking the power of reading has nevr been easier! Our team collaborates with school management to create synthetic phonics programs based on the proven Orton-Gillingham methods. Our comprehensive course covers all English language phonemes, spelling rules and exceptions. With our multisensory approach, we'll train you to teach these skills like a pro! let's help your students become reading rockstars!
Dyslexia Toolkit for educators
Elevate your teaching game with our flip classroom training! Discover the secrets of dyslexia, synthetic phonics, classroom intervention measures and assistive technology. This three-part series is perfect for educators and parents, designed to transform the way you teach and support students with reading challenges.
Anyone can benefit. From those working in the education space it is a must whether you are an administrator or an educator . You have the option of an in person training or an online training via Whatsapp and Zoom.

Note that there is additional cost to cover logistics(travel, food, accommodation) for training outside Kaduna State, Nigeria.